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Gold Mirror (Black Printed) Mock Up Cheque

Gold Mirror (Black Printed) Mock Up Cheque

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PresentĀ a customizedĀ mock-up cheque for your hantaran. No need for actual bank cheque!

180 X 87mm

For customization:
DoĀ provide us in theĀ detail box.

  • Bank
  • Date
  • Bride's Name
  • Groom's Name
  • Amount
  • A bunch of numbers between 24 to 38 numbers (meaningful numbers unique to the couple)
  • Signature (to pick a font or email to your signature to us)

A draftĀ copy will be forwarded to you before proceeding with production.

Gold Mirror Acrylic
Finishing:Ā Laser-cut & Engraving

Disclaimer: Product images/ templates are for illustration purposes only. Actual product colour and the grain patternĀ might vary due to source of materials.

For enquiries, kindly drop us an email at

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